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5 Tips for New Teachers

5 Tips for New Teachers (View Post)

Today I am featuring a guest post by Doug Campbell. Doug is a veteran teacher, author, and blogger from North Carolina. He wrote the book Discipline without Anger and writes a blog at WithoutAnger.com. Follow him on Twitter @TheDisciplineDr. Teaching is a tough job. Anyone who doesn’t think so has probably never done it before.…

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What to Do When Things Get Crazy

Few people understand the word busy better than teachers. There is always so much to do and so little time to do it. (I wrote about this in a previous post: Do you feel too busy to pray?) And when we do get to our planning times, inevitably something else comes up. A student needs…

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Is Christian Education Really Important?

Christian education is my passion, so it sometimes amazes me when I hear other Christians dismiss the whole concept or speak flippantly about it. Christian schools are deemed by some to be inferior or unnecessary. They’re too expensive, too strict, too intrusive, or too much of a bubble. While no school is perfect, Christian education…

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