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Create Your Dream Classroom

FREE Summer Book Club starts June 12

Create Your Dream Classroom, the perfect resource for Christian teachers
Inspiration, Encouragement, & Fresh Ideas

Create Your Dream Classroom will give you the tips and strategies you need to conquer the learning curve, escape the rut, or just find that next level of effectiveness

This summer we'll discuss how to...

  • Start the school year right
  • Get your classroom under control
  • Go beyond discipline to truly disciple your students' hearts.
  • Establish effective procedures
  • Communicate more effectively with parents
  • Finish the last page of your curriculum
  • And much more!

We'd love to have you join us! >>

Because Create Your Dream Classroom contains 54 short lessons, we'll post a quick discussion question for each: 6 days a week for 9 weeks.

This free book club will start June 12 and end August 12. The format, however, will be extremely flexible to accommodate those whose school years end and begin at different times.

To sign up, just click the button above and follow the instructions to register.

Create Your Dream Classroom
the perfect summer book for Christian teachers

Join us this summer to:

  • Embrace a fresh start & new ideas
  • Connect with fellow Christian teachers
  • Find encouragement & renew your perspective

If you're having any trouble signing up, please email me at

What People Are Saying

"Practical tips you can apply right away in your classroom"

​"a NEEDED addition to any teacher's library"

​"I had to force myself to stop reading"

​"I wish I had this my first year teaching"

"I've found that so many "teacher books" are high on theory, low on practicality. Not so with Linda's book. She describes situations that I've seen playing out in my classroom time and again, and then applies a Biblical principle to that situation. But the great thing is, she doesn't stop there. She goes on to give very practical advice about what to say, what to do, and how to follow through....wish I could have read this after my student teaching!"

- Kate O.

Linda Kardamis, founder of Teach 4 the Heart

p.s. When I first wrote this book, I specifically designed it as one-a-day readings to be read over the summer.

I'm excited to finally​ get to go read it with all of you in the format in which it was originally intended.

See you there!

 - Linda Kardamis​

& if there are any other questions we can answer for you, p​lease just send an email to linda [at]