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Make Time for YOU

​How to create habits of rest & self-care that will change your life.


Linda Kardamis, founder of Teach 4 the Heart

with Angela Watson & Linda Kardamis

The live training has ended, but you grab Angela's Guide to Controlling Your Work Hours here:

If you’re a teacher who always put everyone else’s needs before your own…

If the only time you get for yourself is late at night when you really should be sleeping…

If you know you need to prioritize self-care (eating well, exercise, hobbies, getting rest) but just haven’t been able to find time…

This training can change EVERYTHING.

You see, the problem isn’t so much about a lack of time, but about a lack of habits that fit your lifestyle.

And that’s GOOD NEWS, because creating better habits is pretty simple once you understand a few foundational principles (and how to adapt them for your personality.) You can start prioritizing time for yourself today and see results immediately!

As you watch the training, I’ll teach you step-by-step how to:

  • Choose a self-care habit that’s significant enough to make a difference but easy enough for you to stick with when you’re super busy
  • Understand your own temperament so the way you establish habits will work for your preferences (i.e. familiarity vs spontaneity, baby steps vs dramatic results)
  • Apply 5 keys to ANY habit to ensure it creates permanent change instead of a temporary fix
  • Get ongoing support with your habits and create more time for yourself even when school is back in session

You’ll be able to walk away from this hour-long training with a deep understanding of how a simple habit of self-care can counter feelings of exhaustion and overwhelm.

Join us and discover how changing the way you think about taking care of yourself can make a difference right away AND help you establish sustainable self-care habits that work for a lifetime.

“I can’t believe I never thought of this stuff! It’s amazing how such simple changes can make a big difference.”
–Mariah, 4th Grade Teacher, Atlanta, GA

“This was so helpful. I feel like I have a better system and a plan already, because now I realize where all my time is going. I’m more focused and don’t feel as stressed out about everything I need to do.”
–Kelly, 7th Grade Math Teacher, Houston, TX

About Your Instructors

Linda Kardamis, founder of Teach 4 the Heart

Angela Watson

Angela Watson is National Board Certified Teacher currently working as an instructional coach and educational consultant based in Brooklyn, New York.

She has maintained The Cornerstone For Teachers blog since 2003, and has published four books for teachers, including “Unshakeable: 20 Ways to Enjoy Teaching Every Day…No Matter What.”

Angela is also the creator of the 40 Hour Teacher Workweek Club, an online professional development program that has supported teachers with productivity in over 10,000 schools.

Her free podcast, called Angela Watson's Truth for Teachers, provides motivation and encouragement to educators worldwide on a weekly basis.

I always wanted to be teacher, and was so excited for my first real teaching position that I could hardly think straight. But a few months in, I realized teaching was a whole lot harder than I thought it would be.

Too many of my students just weren’t listening to me, and many were outright belligerent. My confidence plummeted, and as much as I didn’t want to admit it (even to myself), I wasn’t enjoying teaching. It wasn’t just the “you need to pull it together” meeting with my principal and the “I can’t face my class” 7:45am crying fit in the back hallway. It was the everyday struggle, the constant feeling that I was failure in my own classroom.

Praise the Lord, He didn’t let me stay there. Through the advice of trusted mentors, a much-needed book, a bit of trial and error, and much prayer, I gradually learned how to keep my students’ attention, and I started to gain the confidence that I could actually do this.

Linda Kardamis, founder of Teach 4 the Heart

Linda Kardamis

As I stopped living in fear of the next problem, I began to look forward to teaching my next class. And while I loved those ah-ha moments when my students finally got how to solve equations, the truest joy came from watching God soften hearts and change lives right in front of me. No matter what challenges you’re facing, you too can rekindle your passion for teaching. You’re in the right place. Let’s dive in.

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Make Time for YOU

The training has ended, but you can grab Angela's fantastic Guide to Controlling Your Work Hours here:

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