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Ready to create a quietly humming along, learning-focused classroom?

It doesn't matter how rough last year was; this year can be 100x better!

Join us to discover simple strategies to reduce disruptions and create a classroom where your can teach & your students can learn!

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No one dreams of standing helplessly in front of an unruly class of students, desperately trying (and failing) to get their attention. Well, I suppose we do dream about it, but we'd definitely classify it more as a nightmare.

No, we dream of actually teaching, of engaging with our students and making meaningful connections. Of seeing the lightbulb go on and passionately pursuing knowledge and wisdom together.

The problem is that if we don't lay a strong foundation of classroom management, both we & our students are going to struggle, and we might even find ourselves smack in the middle of our nightmares. (I've been there - it's not fun.)

That's why it's so important to start off right and set the tone during that critical first week of school. Because when we do, amazing things can happen.

What will be covered?

In this FREE training, you'll learn how to...
  • > Avoid 5 common mistakes during the first week of school
  • > Teach your students to actually follow procedures 
  • > Earn your students' respect 
  • > Start off right & keep students focused all year long
  • > Reduce disruptionso your students can focus & learn
  • > And much more!

Over 10,931 teachers have benefited from these live trainings.
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About Your Instructor

I'm Linda Kardamis. I always wanted to be teacher, but a few months in, I realized teaching was a whole lot harder than I thought it would be. Too many of my students just weren’t listening to me; many were outright belligerent. My confidence plummeted, and as much as I hated to admit it, I wasn’t enjoying teaching. Instead, I felt like a failure in my own classroom.

But God wasn’t done with me. Through sound advice, a bit of trial and error, and much prayer, I gradually learned to keep my students’ attention, and I started to believe I could actually do this.

As I stopped living in fear of the next problem, I began to look forward to teaching. And what a joy when I finally got to the point where my students were (for the most part) orderly, on-task, and fun to teach!

You can see the same turnaround - and I'll share exactly how to do it in the live training!

Linda Kardamis

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