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How to Take Care of Yourself in the Midst of Teaching Chaos

Take Care of Yourself in the midst of Teaching Chaos

Do you need a break? Do you find yourself daydreaming of a cruise to a tropical island or a weekend retreat in the mountains? Of course, this is a fantasy because you are so busy that taking a bubble bath by candlelight seems like a decadent indulgence! Sigh. Let’s be honest, there is no busy like teacher-busy. In life,…

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4 Classroom Management Tips to Prevent Disaster

It can feel like you’re navigating a maze blindfolded while carrying a 100-pound backpack and getting hit with paintball pellets (Ouch!). I’m talking about classroom management – one the most challenging aspects of teaching today. I don’t know about you, but I don’t think my teaching program did a fair job of letting me know what I…

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