How it started...

... how it's going.

I stepped into teaching with dreams of making a difference, but was met with challenges that left me feeling overwhelmed, defeated and uncertain I could continue.

God didn't leave me there, though and with His help teaching slowly transformed from a struggle to a calling filled with purpose and passion... so much so that I wrote a book about the experience!

Then friends said I should start a podcast... so I did... and thus began Teach 4 the Heart! 

Dear brothers and sisters in Christ, it is truly a sincere honor to help you embrace this calling, overcome your doubts, and make a lasting impact on your students' lives.

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Thank you for being a part of this important mission and for praying with us that God would continue to guide us, grow us,  and use us long into the future.

Teach for the Heart is designed for Christian educators in public and private schools.
Our focus is different.
In public schools, we strive to be a bright light pushing back darkness.
In Christian schools, we seek to make disciples who will make disciples.
But our goal is the same: to see God change lives through us.
To accomplish our mission, we must be our best at all this: balance, classroom management, academics, worldview, prayer.
Then we can truly Teach for the Heart and watch our students change the world.
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teach 4 the heart podcast

The Teach 4 the Heart podcast provides ideas and inspiration to help teachers overcome their teaching challenges and make a lasting difference in their students' hearts and lives. 

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