Renew Your Joy, 
Refresh Your Perspective

A 3-Day Challenge for Christian Teachers

Day 1: Claim God's Promises

As teachers, we are so often overwhelmed, frustrated, and surrounded by negativity. But this isn't how God intended us to live. Discover the joy & peace He wants to give you as you learn to trust and rest in Him.

Day 2: Trust & Surrender

If God wants to give us His joy, peace, and rest, why aren't we experiencing it? Discover the hidden reason why you're so stressed & frustrated - and the surprisingly simple cure. 

Day 3: Find Community

Too many Christian teachers make the mistake of trying to go it alone. Discover why this is a horrible idea - and how you can connect with like-minded educators.

Renew Your Passion for Teaching
by Finding Joy & Peace in Christ

Were these thoughts way too familiar this past year?

  • I'm so frustrated!
  • It's too hard to stay positive.
  • Teaching is just too overwhelming.
  • I have nothing left to give.
  • I can't handle all the negativity
  • Is it summer yet?

If so, you are not alone. I haven't met a teacher yet who doesn't struggle with feeling overwhelmed and frustrated from time to time. And we all have those secret (or not so secret) longings that summer would just hurry up & get here already.

But is this really the way God intended us to teach? Are we destined to be continually frustrated?   Perpetually discouraged by negativity?    Run dry because we've poured everything out & have nothing left to give?

Most certainly not!!!

Consider these Scriptures...

Now may the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace in believing, that you may abound in hope by the power of the Holy Spirit. - Romans 15:13

Come to Me, all you who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest. - Matthew 11:28

And the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus - Phil. 4:7

Fear not, for I am with you; Be not dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you, Yes, I will help you, I will uphold you with My righteous right hand. - Isaiah 41:10

Clearly, God has something much better planned for us. He desires for us to teach with peace, joy, and (is it possible?) rest. 

Now before you're tempted to think, "These are wonderful Scriptures but I don't see how that could every happen for me as a teacher," let me ask you something. Do you really think God isn't powerful enough to fulfill these promises in your life?

You know He is able. He did it for Paul, for Job, for Joseph. And He's been faithful and good in your own life too.

So choose to believe that He can & will fulfill His promise for you.

Which brings us to the next challenge: "What about ME? What if I don't know how to find this peace, this rest, this joy in teaching? I certainly don't feel uplifted right now. So how on earth am I supposed to make this better?"

Don't worry. That's exactly the reason why we're here right now.

Teach Uplifted

A 6-week program to help Christian teachers renew their passion for teaching and find the peace, joy, and rest that God has promised them.

​When you join Teach Uplifted, you will...


You'll learn simple ways to renew your energy and stay inspired even in the mid-year doldrums.


You'll discover the power of rejecting wrong/negative thinking and replacing it with God's truth. And you'll find the incredible joy and peace that comes from an ever deepening relationship with Him.


You'll connect with fellow Christian teachers in a community that exists to encourage & uplift one another. 


When you're teaching uplifted, full of God's joy, peace, and rest, you will be more effective than ever and a shining light not only to your students but to your colleagues as well.

 When we're surrounded by negativity, dealing with poor administration, or facing our own fears and shortcomings, the solution isn't a magical change of our circumstances. Neither is it trying hard to overcome our own struggles.

The answer is found in Christ. In trusting Him completely, in surrendering not just our lives but our everyday moments to Him. 

Join us to discover the very real peace, joy, and rest that you can find in Christ, even in the most difficult and challenging circumstances.

Overcome the Frustration & Learn How to

6 Weeks to renew your passion for teaching
#1: Abide in Christ

June 18 - 24

Learn the secrets to a deeper relationship with Christ. (Spoiler: It's not about YOU doing more. It's about letting HIM work in you.)

#2: Re-Energize

June 15 - July 1

Make intentional choices to guard your energy, focus on the positives, and choose uplifting company.

#3: Renew Your Mind

July 2 - 8

Choose to banish wrong thinking & renew your mind with God's transforming truths.

Catch Up Week

July 9 - 15

We know how busy the summer can be, so we'll take a week off in the middle of the program so that you can catch up - or get ahead. 

No more worries about vacation throwing everything off!

#4: Choose to Give Grace

July 16 - 22

Discover the joy of giving grace to those who used to discourage us the most.

#5: Trust God for It All

July 23 - 29

Find impenetrable peace by choosing to trust God for situations that are both in and out of your control.

#6: Guard What Matters Most

July 30 - August 5

Get clear on what matters most to you and set up boundaries to protect your time & energy.

Catch Up Week

August 6 - 12

We'll designate one last week to give everyone a chance to finish up.

Of course, you keep access to all the content & the community, even when the program has officially ended.

About the Author

I'm Linda Kardamis, former teacher and founder of Teach 4 the Heart. Over the last three years, I've helped thousands of teachers overcome various teaching challenges, from keeping order in the classroom to finding work/life balance to building meaningful relationships with students.

But as I've seen the deep struggles so many of you are having with staying uplifted amidst all the negativity, I knew I wanted to support you in a deeper way. That's why Teach Uplifted has been on my heart for months & I'm beyond thrilled to finally provide the in-depth support  & encouragement so many of you are seeking.

Linda Kardamis, founder of Teach 4 the Heart

Teach Uplifted is NOT just a self-study program
You'll Receive the Full Support of our Community

Each week's lessons will be delivered in audio format so that you can listen pretty much anytime, anywhere.

You'll receive a printable workbook with all the notes & printables you need to teach uplifted.

We'll complete the 6-week program together, so we can encourage & support each other in the journey.

Our daily devotional study will deepen your understanding and open your heart to the work God desires to do in your life & classroom.

What People are Saying...

Marc Stevens ( Web Design Media )


"DID YOU JUST SAVE MY LIFE?!! I am a brand new teacher and a Christian....just when I was feeling down about how much work teaching is with trying to raise a young family AND the fact that I am a vocational teacher and DID NOT GO TO SCHOOL to be a teacher..but felt it was GODs calling for me to be here...I stumble upon your website! AMAZING HOW HE WORKS!!!! WHOA and WOW!!!!!!!"

Marc Stevens ( Web Design Media )


"Your blog and podcasts are amazing. They have given me some helpful advice as to how to fix certain problems in my classroom, as well as how not to stress over the little things. You are making a difference in the lives of so many teachers and I appreciate what you do."

Marc Stevens ( Web Design Media )


"Thank you for this message and the scripture to back it up. I was having a very stressful day at school and after reading this message, I realized I was fearing some situations that are out of my control and causing me stress and bitterness. I gave it to God in prayer and am able to move on."

Is Teach Uplifted Right for You?


  • Christian educators in public & private schools
  • Those who want to stay positive but struggle with all the challenges overwhelming them
  • Those who feel their well is dry and need to be renewed, uplifted, and inspired to teach in His strength
  • Those who desire to deepen their relationship with Christ but who may be struggling to make it happen


  • Non-Christians. (We would be thrilled to have you join us & this program just might change your life. But please realize that most of this program will only help you if you choose to become a Christian as a result.)
  • Those who enjoy sharing their misery with everyone around them
  • Those who want to complain but don't want to make any changes.
Teach Uplifted or Your Money Back

I don't want anyone to worry about investing in this program. If for any reason you're unhappy with the results you get from Teach Uplifted, just let me know within 30 days and I'll issue you a full refund.

In addition to the main program, you'll also receive these amazing bonuses!

Access to our support community

God designed us to grow in community with each other, and that's exactly what we'll do in Teach Uplifted. We'll support and encourage each other in a larger community as well as smaller discussion groups.


 Q & A Sessions

This program is not about giving you a bunch of info and leaving you to figure it out on your own. You'll be able to ask your questions & get timely answers in our Q&A sessions.


Life-Transforming Devotional Study

Join us as we read & discuss Hannah Whitall Smith's incredible insight in The Christian's Secret to a Happy Life. This classic work is available absolutely free in ebook, PDF, and audio formats. Or you can grab a paperback for just a few dollars.

Enroll for Just $29

  • 6-week program
  • Exclusive bonus content
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee

The next session of Teach Uplifted will take place in Fall 2017.


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The next session of Teach Uplifted will take place in fall 2017.
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