Focus Your Prayers &
see what God will do!

Do you have trouble focusing during prayer, find your mind wandering, or flounder around wondering exactly what to pray? 

These prayer cards are designed to help you focus your mind & direct your thoughts during prayer so that you can have meaningful intercession & communication with God.

  • Focus Your Thoughts. Each card includes a specific request or prayer direction that will focus your thoughts. Topics include praise/adoration, your students, yourself as a teacher, and your school.
  • Find Scriptural Encouragement. The back of each card features a Scripture verse about prayer.
  • Include Your Own Requests. Print unlimited blank cards to fill in your own requests.

Ready to Focus Your Prayer?

This Set of Prayer Cards Includes....

  • A printable PDF that will enable you to create your own resuseable prayer cards.
  • Over 40 double-sided prayer cards with prayer prompts on the front & Scriptural encouragement on the back.
  • Unlimited blank cards for you to include your personal prayer requests.

Just $5.00

prayer cards for Christian teachers