Is Christian Education Really Important?

Christian education is my passion, so it sometimes amazes me when I hear other Christians dismiss the whole concept or speak flippantly about it. Christian schools are deemed by some to be inferior or unnecessary. They’re too expensive, too strict, too intrusive, or too much of a bubble.

3 Reasons Why Christian Education is Vital

While no school is perfect, Christian education plays a vital role in the training of our children, and I believe it is absolutely essential. This is no knock on those who choose to work in the public school system – that is an entirely different mission field. But when it comes to the future of our children, we must make Christian education a priority.

Satan is the master deceiver, and He desperately wants us to think that Christian education is not really important and that the public schools can educate our children just fine. He will use every technique and argument he can to trick us into complacency. But we can’t afford to be fooled.

Christian education is vital because…

  1. The public school system has an agenda – and it’s not just about evolution. I’ve heard parents say that they know their child is hearing about evolution in the public school but that they talk to them about it at home, so everything’s fine. I wish this were the case, but it’s just not.

    Yes, kids are good at refuting evolution and staying true to their belief in a Creator – that’s not really a problem. The issue is that the public school system is pushing way more than evolution, and most parents don’t even know the assault of dangerous philosophies their children are facing.

    The public school system is humanistic at its core and pushes its progressive agenda every way it can. From a young age, students are taught that there is no absolute truth, that homosexuality is an acceptable alternative, that some people are more valuable than others, and that socialism is the key to the future of our society. And the problem is that these philosophies are taught very subtly – weaved into illustrations and application questions. A mature adult might not even catch them, much less a child or teenager. (Interested in more details? This post on Crosswalk discusses some of the history of the public school movement.)

    This subtle teaching of humanism, socialism, and progressivism is dangerously persuasive to impressionable children and teens. And since since we as parents are in the classroom with our students, we don’t even know what to refute.

  2. Our kids need to do more than just survive. Can a child survive the ever-rising onslaught of unbliblical philosophies and graduate from a public school with their faith intact? Of course. But don’t we want more than this?

    Since when is the goal to raise kids who “made it.” Don’t we want kids who understand God’s truths and how to apply them to every situation in life. Don’t we want our kids to have a deep, meaningful relationship with God? Don’t we want them to be everything they can be and to use their lives for His glory?

    I’m not saying a kid who attends a public school cannot be used of God – that would be ridiculous. But what I am saying is that a main purpose of Christian schools should be to intentionally disciple students. Effective Christian schools should be using every opportunity to speak Biblical truth into students’ lives and help them become more like Christ.

    Christian schools should not just be the absence of wrong philosophies. They should instead be the infusion of truth into every aspect of the day – from academics to peer relationships to sports.

    A student who learns to hear and apply Biblical truths has done way more than survive – He is ready to thrive.

  3. Our kids are still in training. The public school system may indeed be a mission field, but the missionaries should be mature adults, not our kids. Why not? Because they are still in training themselves.

    To illustrate, let’s imagine that the government wants to send spies to infiltrate an Al-Qaeda training facility that uses propaganda and indoctrination to radicalize its recruits. The general carefully select his candidate – a 13-year-old teenager. He’s a loyal American, the son of a Navy Seal who is smart, independent, and loves his county. They send him into the Al-Qaeda base where he will train and gather intel for the next six years. To help him remember the truth of freedom, they periodically schedule secret meetings and smuggle in American pamphlets and materials.

    What’s the problem with this scenario? The boy is only 13 and has had no training. He is still at an impressionable age and has not been taught how to resist the indoctrination of the extremists.  Even if he remains true to his country, it’s unlikely that he will emerge from the facility with the same system of beliefs is.

    I’m not saying the public school is system is Al-Qaeda, but we are fighting a spiritual battle. We are fighting for our children’s future, for Biblical truth, and for right. Our children are not yet ready to be sent out on their own into the fight. They are still in training. And if we want them to be effective soldiers for Christ, they need to complete their training in a place that will drive them closer to Him not away from Him.

    Children and teens are particularly impressionable and are still learning how to distinguish truth from error. This is the time that they need Biblical guidance and direction – and an hour on Sunday morning just isn’t going to cut it.

    One goal is not to insulate them from the fight, but they just cannot train properly in the camp of the enemy. We must diligently teach and train them as young people so that they will grow up to be powerfully effective soldiers for Christ.

So is Christian education important? Absolutely. Our children’s future depends on it.

Do you agree that Christian education is vital? Or do you have different thoughts? Join the discussion by leaving a comment.

Linda Kardamis

I believe that when God calls us to teach, He promises the strength & wisdom to do it well. All we need to do is keep learning, growing, and depending on Him. I'm here to provide practical advice and Biblical encouragement so you'll have the confidence and perspective to not only inspire your students but reach their hearts as well.

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