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Should Christians Try to Change the Culture?

When the SCOTUS decision on gay marriage came out awhile ago, both online & offline conversations were flooded with comments and opinions. I wrote this article here in response to a lot of those comments, trying to help us Christians thinking Biblically about this whole issue. But there was a basic question that arose from a […]

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6 Myths We Believe About Love & Marriage

6 dangerous myths we believe about love & marriage

From fairy-tale weddings to Taylor Swift songs, our culture is slowly but surely molding our view of love and marriage into something that may look alluring but is actually a collecting of disappointingly untrue myths. The problem with these myths is that they’re widely believed, often even touted by pastors, teachers, and parents. They’re particularly […]

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Why Is “Husband” a Taboo Word?

Why Is Husband a Taboo Word?

Marriage is under attack from all sides in our society. Sometimes the battle lines are clear, but other times the attack is way more subtle – so subtle, in fact, that I’m not even sure those involved realize what they’re doing. But the damage is being done just the same. “Partner” Is Not the Same […]

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