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How to Deal With a Difficult Administrator

how teacher can respond to difficult administrator or principal

You may have thought that your administrator has it in for you, but have you ever had an administrator who’s literally out to get you? As in, actually trying to kill you? Well, that’s what “Carl” was dealing with. He had been nothing but loyal, dedicated, and passionate. But his administrator became jealous and started plotting […]

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6 Keys to Understanding & Encouraging Struggling Students

Sometimes the student who doesn’t seem to care is actually just frustrated. This is one of my favorite takeaways from my interview with portrait artist Jon Kardamis. To say that Jon struggled in high school would be putting it mildly. History, math, and English just did not come easily to him. But he loved art. […]

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Can We Really Believe in ALL Our Students?

Can we really believe in all our students

When you think about your students, do you find yourself naturally putting them into categories? There’s the sharp ones, the creative ones, the disruptive ones, the ones with attitude problems, the ones with academic struggles, etc…. It’s only natural to start labeling people, but if we really want every one of our students to succeed […]

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The One Change that Will Revolutionize How You Discipline (And Skyrocket Your Success)

The One Change that Will Revolutionize How You Discipline

In his book 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, Stephen Covey encourages his readers to  “Seek first to understand, then to be understood.” This principle can make such a difference as a teacher – or a parent – or, frankly, in almost every aspect  of our lives. But I believe it is particularly helpful when […]

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How to Conquer the Learning Curve in Teaching

How to Conquer the Learning Curve of Teaching

Few professions have a steeper learning curve than teaching. From classroom management to lesson planning to communicating with parents, there’s a lot to figure out. And with so much at stake that first week of school, and a few rookie mistakes can produce problems for the rest of the year. I’ve been there. Pretty much […]

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