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9 Truths You Need to Know to Create Powerful Discipleship in Your Christian School

What is Christian education? Or rather, what makes it different? Is it about smaller class sizes, better behaved kids, more supportive parents? Does the difference simply lie in the fact that there’s a Bible class and that we open the day with prayer? Or is there more to it than that? While there are many […]

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How to Be Truly Thankful: Why We Should Give Away More of Our Stuff

I read an interesting book this past summer called 7: An Experimental Mutiny Against Excess. With a title like that, I suspected this book might make me a bit uncomfortable – and that it might leave me a little different than when I started. It didn’t disappoint. One of the things Jen (the author) does is […]

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How to Start a Bible Trivia Competition in Just One Week

The kids are a bundle of nerves and excitement as they anticipate the final round of Bible Challenge that’s about to start in 5 minutes. Comments like “I’m so nervous, I think I’m gonna’ throw up” are way too common in these moments. The tumult fades to a small rumbling as the emcee steps to […]

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Should Christians Try to Change the Culture?

When the SCOTUS decision on gay marriage came out awhile ago, both online & offline conversations were flooded with comments and opinions. I wrote this article here in response to a lot of those comments, trying to help us Christians thinking Biblically about this whole issue. But there was a basic question that arose from a […]

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Life, Liberty, and Censorship?: What the First Amendment Really Says about Religion in Government

The first amendment gives freedom to teach religion

The First Amendment establishes separation between church and state, meaning that religion has no place in the government. The First Amendment’s establishment clause limits what teachers can say about religion in the classroom. Right? Actually, not so much…. Now, yes, the courts have interpreted the First Amendment to mean exactly this and thus it has […]

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