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7 Books You Don’t Want to Miss (They’ve Changed My Life)

I love books. Always have. I’ve devoured so many of them and have learned so much. I’m guessing if you’re reading this right now that you feel the same way. But every now and then you come across a book that’s truly special. And it’s not necessarily because it’s super entertaining, popular, or even your […]

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Should Christians Try to Change the Culture?

When the SCOTUS decision on gay marriage came out awhile ago, both online & offline conversations were flooded with comments and opinions. I wrote this article here in response to a lot of those comments, trying to help us Christians thinking Biblically about this whole issue. But there was a basic question that arose from a […]

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6 Keys to Understanding & Encouraging Struggling Students

Sometimes the student who doesn’t seem to care is actually just frustrated. This is one of my favorite takeaways from my interview with portrait artist Jon Kardamis. To say that Jon struggled in high school would be putting it mildly. History, math, and English just did not come easily to him. But he loved art. […]

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Should Parents Help Kids With Their Homework?

Should parents help kids with their homework? It’s a very interesting question – one I thought I knew the answer to. But now I’m not so sure. I wrote last month about an awesome podcast for parents called Have a New Kid by Friday, and today I want to ask your opinion about some of […]

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4 Magic Words That Will Cut the Arguments in Half

It was a great day when I discovered 4 magic words that just seem to dissolve tension and eliminate at least half of the arguments in my classroom. And those words are: “You’re not in trouble.” Students can be so defensive, can’t they? (and let’s be honest, we can be, too, right? But that’s another […]

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Is Our Focus on Bullying Producing More Victims?

Does our focus on bullying produce more victims

Before I get too far, let me make one thing crystal clear. Bullying is wrong. There are no if‘s, and‘s, or but‘s about it. Kids should not harass, hurt, or make fun of other kids. It’s simply not right. And since it’s not right, we as teachers definitely should be on the lookout for bullying. […]

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