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How to Be Truly Thankful: Why We Should Give Away More of Our Stuff

I read an interesting book this past summer called 7: An Experimental Mutiny Against Excess. With a title like that, I suspected this book might make me a bit uncomfortable – and that it might leave me a little different than when I started. It didn’t disappoint. One of the things Jen (the author) does is […]

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7 Books You Don’t Want to Miss (They’ve Changed My Life)

I love books. Always have. I’ve devoured so many of them and have learned so much. I’m guessing if you’re reading this right now that you feel the same way. But every now and then you come across a book that’s truly special. And it’s not necessarily because it’s super entertaining, popular, or even your […]

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Learn to say “no” without guilt & make your “yes” really count

say no without guilt & make your yes really count

Today I’m honored to be part of the Unshakeable book club. This amazing new book by Angela Watson is definitely a must-read for every teacher. This is day 6 of the book club – check out this post to see the entire discussion, or purchase the book for yourself here. Let me ask you something […]

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The Secret to Making it Through the Day With Strength, Purpose, & Wisdom

The secret to making it through the day with strength, wisdom, & purpose

Teaching can be tough. So can being a mother. Frankly, anything worth doing is going to bring plenty of challenges. It’s just how it is. But if you’re a Christian, you have a Friend who is there to help you through those challenges. And when I say help that is a gross understatement. Our Friend […]

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