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The Secret to Making it Through the Day With Strength, Purpose, & Wisdom

The secret to making it through the day with strength, wisdom, & purpose

Teaching can be tough. So can being a mother. Frankly, anything worth doing is going to bring plenty of challenges. It’s just how it is. But if you’re a Christian, you have a Friend who is there to help you through those challenges. And when I say help that is a gross understatement. Our Friend […]

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How to Stop Hating Lunchroom Duty (or any Annoying Task)

How to Stop Dreading Lunch Duty (or any Annoying Task)

Ugh, I hate grading papers. Mrs. Rogers, do we really have to do this worksheet? Sometimes our complaints as teachers and our students’ complaints aren’t really all that different, are they? It’s easy for both of us to get frustrated when a task just seems mundane, tedious, and possibly even unimportant. What tasks most frustrates […]

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When You Feel Like You’re Not Making Much Progress

When You Feel Like You're Not Making Much Progress (View Post)

Have you ever felt like you’re just not making any progress? Maybe it’s with your personal growth, your career, a new hobby, or your marriage. Or maybe you’re pouring your heart into your kids or your students and it just seems like they’re not getting it – like everything you say and do is going […]

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Dealing with Discouraging Days

As teachers and as parents, we all experience discouraging days. Sometimes they’re a result of a particularly frustrating incident. Other times, they’re the product of stress or pure exhaustion. And they’re no fun. These days make us doubt our ability; they make us feel hopeless; they may even make us want to give up. I […]

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