5 Free, Easy Gifts Your Students Will Love

So it’s Christmas time again, and you may be wondering what you should get your students. Or if you should get them anything. Or how on earth you could find the time or money to buy or make even a small gift for 100 students.

Well, the good news is that you can give your students great gifts that will only take about 10 minutes to prepare and will cost you NO MONEY! How awesome is that!

5 free, easy gift ideas to give your students at Christmas

5 Free, Easy, & Awesome Gifts to Give Your Students

  1. Free homework passes. This was my go-to gift for my students. Simply print them off on colored paper and hand them out. Just be sure to include any necessary fine print 🙂 And to save you even more time, I’m giving away an editable template. Just click here to get yours now.
  2. Homework grace-day passes. If you don’t want to give out a homework pass, what about a pass that will allow the student an extra day to complete the homework. That’d be a great thing to have for a day they leave their homework at home, completely forget an assignment, or just have an unusually busy night.
  3. Bonus point. I really don’t understand it, but students absolutely love bonus points. It’s like they were the greatest thing ever invented. So give everyone a bonus point (or two) and print up a card that says they have received a bonus point.
  4. Test boost passes. This is very similar to the bonus point except that instead of giving bonus points right away, you give the student a pass that says you will add 2 points to any future test or quiz of their choosing.
  5. Special privilege pass. If you teach a self-contained classroom, think of a privilege that you can give your students, such as eating lunch with you, extra computer time, etc. Give each student a pass that they can redeem in the future.

To help you out, I’m giving away pre-designed Christmas homework passes. Just click here to get your copy. The file is editable, so you can reword the pass to say anything you’d like.

One last tip: Save yourself a bookkeeping nightmare & require the students to turn in the pass when they want to redeem it. And tell them upfront that if they lose it then it is, unfortunately, gone.

What do you usually give your students for Christmas?


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