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Teach 4 the Heart is all about what the name implies:  teaching in a way that will make an eternal difference in our students' hearts and lives. 

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Classroom Management 101 online course

Classroom Management

Check out my classroom management articles for help keeping your class in order. Because without order, little learning can take place.


Teaching can be tough at times. If you're feeling down, check out these encouraging articles. And join our community for more support & camaraderie.

Work/Life Balance

To be an effective, energized teacher, you need a healthy balance in your life. That means finding ways to save time & work smarter, not longer.

Thinking Biblically

The Bible is the source of all truth. And the more we think Biblically, the better we can guide & counsel our students. 

Learn How to Manage Your Class

free classroom management PD training for teachers

When you're constantly dealing with discipline problems, always struggling to keep control, teaching is pretty stressful. And let's be honest - you're not nearly as effective as you'd like to be.

But it doesn't have to be that way. You CAN learn to control your classroom & make meaningful connections with your students. And it all starts the first week of school.

In this free live training, we'll be discussing 5 common mistakes teachers make during that vital first week, why you definitely want to avoid them, and how you can set yourself & your students up for a fantastic year.

Are You a  Christian Educator?

At Teach 4 the Heart, we're forming a community of Christian educators who teach in both public and private schools. Together, we can help each other make a bigger difference in our students' lives. And they, in turn, can change the world.

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