Should Christians care about politics?

What do you think? Should Christians worry about politics? Should they vote? Should they call their elected officials over key issues? What about helping candidates campaign? Or even running themselves?

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Why is it so hard to be consistent in our disscipline?

Why on earth is it so hard to be consistent in our discipline or our classroom management?

Okay, maybe for some of you consistency comes relatively easily, but not for me. And based on some comments that I’ve gotten from you readers, I don’t think I’m not the only one that struggles with this.

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Why teachers should give less homework

I think we teachers tend to view homework as our sacred cow. Or at least some of us do.

And, believe me, I really do understand the value of homework. As a math teacher, I firmly believe students need to practice on their own, and homework is a great way for them to see if they can solve problems on their own without the teacher’s help.

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